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  • Zapatero Joyeros // In our atelier, cutting edge design technology is used in combination with the classical wax modelling and microsculpture.
  • Zapatero Joyeros // Then, anyirregularitiesonthejewelrypiece are buffedoutwithspecialcare andthusthisfirststepenablesthefollowingones and improvesjewelry´sshape.
  • Zapatero Joyeros // In setting,traditionalmethods are usedalongwiththelatesttechniques, usingprecisionmagnifyingtools.
  • Zapatero Joyeros // Metalsgettheirincredibleshinethroughthepolishingprocess. Thisprocesscomprisesseveralsteps in order to provide a perfectfinishingtouch.
  • Zapatero Joyeros // The rhodium bath is the last step for some pieces of jewelrymade of white gold: the piece is to be introduced intothis precious liquid to giveshineand durability over time.